Record-breaking nominations

By at 3 September, 2009, 12:23 pm

Great news: We’re up to 128 nominations, and have now officially broken last year’s record. Hurrah! As the end of the nominating period isn’t even until Sept 18 we’re expecting to blow that record out of the water.

One surprise so far has been learning about the many sites that have started up in the last year. We suspected there were quite a few new blogs lurking about, but the number and quality of new blogs in Manchester right now is frankly a bit overwhelming.

So what does this mean? For us, it’s clear evidence that the platform has long passed the “social media flavour of the month” phase, and matured into a medium that’s now essential to how we read and write, communicate with the world, get information and express ourselves in the modern world.

Okay, getting off soapbox now. Keep those nominations rolling in, folks.

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Claudia Bellocq October 26, 2009

damn! never heard of these until this week, perhaps next year?

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